This programme is an overview of the sessions to be presented at the conference. Please visit the REGISTRATION PAGE where you can indicate which sessions you plan to attend. Scroll down for more information on the Companions Tour and Pre & Post-Conference Tour.

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Companions Tour

Monday, 6 November
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM 

Visit a private bonsai garden. Wear a kimono whilst enjoying a Tea Ceremony, and experience a bonsai cutting class, followed by a stroll through the amazing collection in the garden.

Pre & Post-Conference Tour

Like so much of life, Tokyo is the sum of its contradictions - a sprawling city, which might almost be the definition of 'metropolis', yet at the same time, possibly the most charming communion of 10 million people one could conceive.

This year, we have the options to hike in Fuji-Hakone National Park, attend the November Grand Sumo Tourment, visit the Kingakuji Golden Pavilion, and many other opportunities. Whether you have half-a-week, or just half-an-hour, do step out and find the little corner of this metropolis that turns out to be your Tokyo!

For those of you who are travelling from afar and plan to spend some more time in this beautiful location, our local agent has put together a pre & post conference tour programme .