AGN NA Newsletter #40 
I September 2022 

Forty-five years ago this month, four public accounting firms based in the U.S. decided to get together with the plan to form a collaboration and placed an ad in the September 1977 Journal of Accountancy seeking like-minded firms. This action was the first public announcement and beginning of “The Continental Association of CPA Firms” (CACPA) - the organization you now know as AGN. In the coming year, we will be celebrating this achievement with you. Keep an eye out for more details!


September Events   Resource Partner Spotlight

September 14: 
New GST E-Commerce Rules for Non-Resident Suppliers

September 16: 
How Tax Preparers & Accountants Increase Profitability Using Lean Six Sigma

September 20: 
Exploring the A-B-C-D of the Digital Age and their Impact on Accounting

September 22: 
AGN Technical Resource Center Overview

September 28: 
Canadian Accounting & Assurance Update

September 29: 
2022 Central & South America Regional Meeting

Please visit the AGN Events Calendar to explore all events, including multiple training webinars, virtual meetings, in-person events, and more.

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    2021 AICPA State Tax Nexus Guide - Learn about state tax nexus including the many types of nexus (affiliate, economic, click-through, cookie, etc.), the physical presence standard and more.  

    2021 AICPA State Tax Nexus Checklist - Access a comprehensive checklist about 2021 state tax nexus considerations involving income, franchise, sales and use taxes. 

    The 2022 State Tax Nexus Guide and Checklist will be coming as that tax season approaches. 

    Note: These resources are published with permission from the AICPA Tax Section. Explore additional resources at
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