Organisational Change & Culture

Planned Behavior (Ajzen) in Business Consulting

Typical application
The Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB), developed by Icek Ajzen, is a widely used psychological framework that helps explain and predict human behavior. In the context of business consulting, the TPB can be a valuable tool for understanding and infuencing the behavior of individuals and groups within an organization. This practical guide aims to provide insights into effectively utilizing the TPB in business consulting engagements.
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Force Field Analysis

Typical application

Force Field Analysis is a very useful tool to use when helping clients prioritise a set of key strategies, actions or investments.

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The Change Equation

Typical application

The Beckhard-Harris organisational change model is useful for both planned, strategic organisation change, and reactive change, which is made in response to something unexpected such as the Covid pandemic.

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Other Resources

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Organisational Change & Culture

  • Planned Behavior (Ajzen) in Business Consulting
  • Force Field Analysis
  • The Change Equation

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Leadership & Management

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